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  FOLIO - Landscapes, Gardens and Sculptures

The broad cannon of Vanessa's artistic work ranges from the passionate expression of her landscape paintings to the more intricate colourful compositions of her garden paintings. In addition, her sculptures play an important part in her output, demonstrating her love of form and visual understanding of personal character.

Landscape - Working plein air in the spring and summer and in the studio in autumn and winter, Vanessa produces landscapes inspired by the border country of the Welsh Marches in Herefordshire. Recent work concentrates on dramatic light and atmosphere, contrasting, and monochromatic colour. All Vanessa's paintings are oil on canvas.

The garden paintings are a celebration of vibrant colour and vitality. Usually a considered composition echoes the formality of the garden view itself. The highly acclaimed Hampton Court garden near Hereford is the inspiration for many of these paintings. Vanessa also paints in the surroundings of her own garden.

Sculpture - An experienced portrait sculptor and draughtsman, Vanessa takes regular commissions for portrait bronzes. In these sculptures, she combines an analytical technique with a deeply expressive rendition of the sitter. She is currently working on a commission of Frank Myers MBE.

Archive - Vanessa's work is in collections both nationally, and in the USA. A selection of previously sold work is seen in this section. Several of these images are available as limited edition prints. For details of these and a price list of current original work Contact Vanessa.


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